Federal Debt

It would take every American chipping in $85,000 dollars to pay off our current national debt…and that includes our children! Runaway national debt is one of our greatest national security risks.

We cannot afford another year of pawning off our children’s future to pay for unnecessary expenditures today. For generations, politicians have run on lowering the debt and then immediately add to its ever-ballooning amount once in office. At times it seems that politicians are purposefully raising the debt so they can continue to run on the empty promise of lowering it. I am committed to cutting unnecessary government spending and balancing our budget so that we can start building our children and grandchildren a future instead of mortgaging it.

I say this confidently because I believe that if I do not strongly advocate and fight for this, I would expect to never be re-elected. That is how you should treat all Congress-members when they don't fight for a balanced budget. 

We continue to fall further into debt and China continues buying all of our debt so we automatically owe them large interest payments at the beginning of every budget cycle. This is a very dangerous risk to our country that nobody is discussing. I will be very vocal about this threat on the floor of Congress every budget cycle.