Schools and Education

Education is the key to sustaining our future. Ensuring that all children have access to a free education of the highest caliber must be a priority of all Americans. The children of today will be the economic, political, military leaders of tomorrow. Educating those future leaders is more than a moral obligation. It is a necessity to national security, economic prosperity, and domestic tranquility. 

That is why it is imperative that we put power and resources back into the hands of our local schools, teachers, and administrators. Educators like my wife are the experts most suited to make decisions about the wellbeing of the students in their schools and communities. 

The workforce of tomorrow will look drastically different than the workforce of yesterday. It is imperative that we equip our children with the tools and skills to thrive in the next chapter of our economy, a chapter driven by technology. We must create better access to vocational training. The myth of a traditional liberal arts education being the golden ticket to economic prosperity has been dispelled. We know that sensible vocation-based alternatives to a traditional college education must be a part of our educational landscape. We cannot afford to continue strapping our young adults with mountains of debt in exchange for a liberal arts degree that will never procure the income needed to pay it back. It is time that our education system promotes economic and vocational success for our children. We must funnel resources into technical training programs so that all students from a young age understand it to be a viable and sensible path to prosperity. Our financial and debt relief incentives should be used to encourage students into training that sets them up for lifelong success rather than forgiving the economic drain of four-year vanity degrees.