National Security

Being the leader of the free world means more than advocating for free markets and fair elections, it means stepping up to ensure that those ideals are protected at home and around the globe. That's what I have done for the past 13 years serving in the Ohio Air National Guard.

Our national security is the linchpin of freedom here and abroad. We must continue to combat the forces that seek to destroy our way of life. We must ensure that our children and grandchildren always have the rights and freedoms endowed to them by our Creator and reaffirmed in our constitution.

America stands on the brink of a new age in security threats. We must continue to to combat religious terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda and ISIS, but these extremists are no longer the only major threat to our way of life. Russia, China, and Iran have all actively engaged in economic and cyber attacks on our nation. They seek to destabilize our economy, disrupt our infrastructure, and discredit our elections. Measures must be taken to neutralize the threat these regimes pose to freedom and democracy around the world.

We must also balance ourselves internally before a catastrophic National Security threat comes from within. This could be anything from condoning the domestic terrorist acts of ANTIFA and other extremist groups, defunding our Police departments across the country, or continuing to pile on so much debt at the federal level that countries like China have an overwhelming leverage that we can no longer defend. These threats need to be taken very seriously and addressed head-on.